Thursday, March 15, 2012

La La Loopsy Sleeping Bags Tutorial

For Christmas Santa brought our girls tons of La La Loopsy's.  They are the cutest dolls with the cutest houses and little animal friends.  If you have no idea what I'm talking about GO TO TARGET and buy some.  They are just as addicting to me as they are to the kiddos.

So I have a ridiculous amount of fabric scraps and many of them are pretty tiny.  I was digging through them the other day while my girls were playing with their dolls.  They and their dolls happened to be camping and the thought dawned on me--they need sleeping bags if they are going to be camping!  Sick I know, but cute right?  So, right then and there I called the girls in and we picked out fabric scraps together.

Here's how I made them:
1. Cut 2 3x4 rectangles (mine were out of flannel and corduroy scraps)
2. Put them Right sides together
3. Trim one of the 3" edges with pinking shears
4. Sew around the non pinked edges (remember to backstitch!)
5. Trim the corners if you like
6. Turn the bag to the right side out
7. Iron flat
8. BAM--You are done!  

Now--make one for every single one of those La La Loopsy dolls, otherwise your kiddos will complain that one of their dolls was cold on their camp out. :)   My girls have LOVED these!  They haven't stopped playing with them since we made them.  See for yourself:)  
I was so happy to use that houndstooth scrap--none of that fabric should EVER go to waste!  It's way too cute:)

Another great activity to do with your kiddos!  If they are old enough have them make them up for themselves--obviously this is the perfect beginners sewing project!  Gotta LOVE using up those scraps!  Have Fun!
xoxo, B