Saturday, May 28, 2011

Jersey Rosette Bracelets

So check it out...

Are you drooling yet? Becky and I love the look of these Jersey Bracelets, but what we love even more is they are so comfortable and effortless!!!!! You seriously can wear them all the time. We both have small children and it's not so easy to just wear bracelets when your washing little hands and running around everyday, but these are the exception to the rule. These are as comfy and casual as summer itself! 

Now for the next great news. We were on U Create!!! Becky and I have been fans of U Create for years and have been working hard to make this possible. When we found out we were going to be featured, there was lots of screaming, jumping up and down and victory dancing!! We are so excited!!! So to see this amazing tutorial, hop on over to U Create and check it out. 

Send in a picture of your Rosette Jersey Bracelet and we'll feature our favorite ones!!! We can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

You can also purchase one here at our Etsy shop! There are several jersey postings so browse around and make sure to check out the bracelet section


In honor of your fabulous Minky Blanket Tutorial we are having a FREE SHIPPING SALE in our Etsy Store. We have been so excited to get so many orders and have loved doing custom orders for so many of you! We hope you are all having a GREAT 3 day weekend and hopefully this fun sale will help make it even better!! This sale closes Monday night so Happy Shopping!!!!

We have just added lots of gorgeous summer earrings and lots of fun fabric headbands! We are hoping they all find happy homes so we can get started on a whole bunch of new ones! Also don't forget we love doing special orders. So send us a convo or email and we'll get to work on yours right away!!!

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Lastly, don't forget to send us an email with a picture of your Jersey Bracelet! See the Tutorial here. We'll be posting the tutorial on our blog soon and will post all the pictures we get. We would love to see what you create! Send us your pictures by June 12th!!!!

Well I hope you all have a great 2 day weekend and have some time for crafting. I am hoping to break out my art journal and paint!!! I'll post more about that soon!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Minky Baby Blanket Tutorial

I fell in love with this darling minky at one of my favorite stores, Scrapbooks Etc. I just couldn't pass it up. Lucky for me I have a little neice on the way and bought some to make her a present.  Now if you saw our Easter dresses, you know that I'm not the sewing expert. Well the good news is this was easy enough that even I could do it!!! I was so excited with how this baby blanket turned out! 

(this is so pretty and so easy!!!!)

Step #1. Cut your fabric. I made the blanket 18 inches by 18 inches. Don't forget to include about a half inch seam allowances. Don't worry though, this doesn't have to be perfect!!! You can pick a different size if you like. 

Step #2. Pin on your trim. I bought this darling pink ribbon at JoAnnes. It made this project so much easier. Pin it on facing the inside, right sides together. 

Step #3. Sew the trim on. Make sure you sew it on facing towards the inside of your blanket, right sides together. 

When I got to sewing the trim together. I just made a seam and sewed straight down. 

Step #4. Sew on the other piece of fabric right sides together. See how this all goes together like a happy little sandwich. Don't forget to leave a hole so you can turn it inside out. 

Step #5. Turn it right side out and stitch up the hole. Look at your perfect little minky blanket! 

Monday, May 23, 2011

Resin Flower Earrings

I have been on a flower kick for the last few weeks--it's Springtime I tell you! These resin flowers we have put together just make me smile!  Aren't they so petite and feminine and the perfect touch to any outfit?  I listed just a few pics of some that are for sale at our shop.  I know for a fact--I would  bet money on it even--that you all will LOVE these as much as Juliana and I do!  ;)

If you are in L-O-V-E stop by our etsy shop and buy a few pairs!  You can get them here, here, and here!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Tutorial Sale!

We decided, because we are so fun;), that we would do a SALE in our Etsy shop every time we post a new tutorial!  It will be a different sale for every tutorial, just to keep things rockin'....I told you I like surprises!

So, since I just posted the Fabric Scrap Headband Tutorial, we are doing 15% OFF EVERYTHING in the store!  Uh huh--yep, I know--jujuB is Rad!  Make sure to check out the Fabric Headbands we made and are selling, as well as our new Earrings--upcoming blog post on those-- because they are AMAZING!  And remember, we LOVE special orders--so bring it!

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xoxoxo, B

Fabric Headband Tutorial

Juliana and I always have scraps from sewing projects we've done--actually I have a HUGE trash bag full of scraps that I save just in case I find something else I want to make because fabric is expensive!  Well these Fabric Headbands are a FABULOUS project for using up your scraps!  

Fabric Headband Tutorial

Here is the list of items you'll need: 
Fabric scissors
Junky Scissors(to cut felt with)
Glue gun
Glue sticks
1/8 yard 100% cotton fabric--for the headband
1/8 yard fabric your choice for rosettes (Jersey fabric or other stretchy fabric is great--can use anything though)
Coordinating thread
Step 1: First things first--CUT OUT YOUR HEADBAND.  There isn't a wrong way to do this--my only rule while doing this is that it's about 2 inches wide in the middle and about 1 inch at the end.  Make it long enough so you can tie it in a knot at the back of your head.  I cut mine about 28 inches in length.

This end about 1 inch:

2 inches in the middle:

Step 2:  Stitch Around Edges.  Stitch right along the edges of the headband...use approximately a 1/4 inch seam allowance.  This gives it a little durability and makes it a little more chic! ;)

Step 3: Cut Fabric and Felt. Now take your other fabric and cut a 2 inch long strip.  Also take your felt and cut out circles the sizes you want your rosettes to be.  I like to look around my house for things that are circular that I could trace...glasses, spices containers, nailpolish....anything works!  I decided to do three rosettes for this fabric headband.

Step 4: Make Rosettes.  To make a rosette, take your 2 inch strip of fabric and fold it in half and then tie a knot.  Cut off the excess fabric.

Now, twist your fabric and glue it to the felt circle in a circular manner.

Twist and glue and keep going around....

Until you've covered all the felt...

Now cut off the tail/excess fabric.

Cute, No?  Now repeat until all rosettes are finished. :)

Step 5: Glue Rosettes onto Fabric Headband.  I like to put my rosettes a little off center on the fabric headband...but you can put them ANYWHERE you want!  Once you've got them glued on there, put a little glue in between the rosettes so they stick together really close, like this:  (Ignore the glue hairy's on my glue gun!  It's been very loved!!!)

And there you go!  You are finished with your ridiculously AMAZING headband and people will be wondering where you got it! 

Ahhhhh!  I LOVE IT!
Wasn't that so easy? And Cheap?  I mean come on!  We used our scraps for goodness sakes!  Happy scrap digging!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mother's Day Canvases

I simply had to make some She Can Girls for Mother's Day. 

For those of you have never seen these before, they are mixed media canvases. You combine paint, sprays, ink, paper, fabric, stamps, doodling and rub-ons to create layers and layers of texture! These are my new favorite thing to do! I am in love with mixed media art!! 

This one went to my sister-in-law. I love the blue, it reminds me of peace. I even included a tag with the word peace on it. I love her dress it is so elegant and classic. I love the trim on her dress. It's vintage lace from my grandma. I love the book paper in the background and how well it shows through. I love the lock and key hidden in the picture. Can you find them? This one turned out really really beautiful!! I used one of Christy Thomlinson's phrases "She was the Keeper of the Home." My sister-in-law just had a new baby and I know how much being a mom means to her. 

"She was the Keeper of the Home"

This little beauty I made for my mom. Isn't she beautiful? She's so hip and chic! I love her outfit. I can see my mom wearing something like that. I love the red and gold, it reminds me of home. My mom works so hard to teach her children, which way to go. I really look up to my mom's strength of character and love the tag I added in the bottom left corner.  It's so fun making one for someone I know so well because I can include things that are meaningful to her, like the word peace in the circle on the right. I love you mom!

"She is the Heart of the Home"

I really adore this one I did for my other mom, my mother-in-law. It is so simple and effortless and I can just feel the warm summer breeze blowing through the fields! There is nothing like a warm summer day on the farm. It reminds me so much of her. I was most nervous about getting this one right. After I finished I brought it to my husband to see if he approved and he just looked at me warmly and said, "that's my mom, you got it." I made so many simple choices to had a little more of her to the canvas like the alphabet stamp reflects how she's a teacher on the right. I love the sun. It took me many times to get it right, but I was really happy with the way it turned out and the free spirit feel it gives the canvas! It gives a hint to her childhood. I also love the phrase, "she saw the good."My mother in law is such a great example of working hard and finding the good! I look up to her and love this canvas!

"She Saw the Good."