Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Art

"Beautiful art is beautiful, but meaningful art is so much more beautiful." Junelle Jacobson with the Yes and Amen blog 

These last few months have been insane!! I was pregnant with our 3rd child and having some complications so I went to live with my mom in Arizona for a few weeks. Then I came home and had our little miracle baby Miss Lydia Julia, named after my grandmother who I love and adore so much. Then we had an amazing oppertunity thrown at our feet to buy a new house. It was too good to pass up and our lives got even crazier. 

In the midst of all the caos I signed up for an art class called the Art of Wild Abononment. You can find out more information on this class here.  It might seem strange that in the midst of so much going on, that I added another thing to my plate, but for me, crafting keeps me sane. Some times I do too much and loose my focus, but art and creating help me express things. They help me show love to people I care about. I love sewing because it's relaxing to me. When life seems out of control it's soothing to sew. You follow the steps and everything will be alright. 

My lastest love is art journaling. I discovered this new way of creating with Christy Timlinsons's She Art Class. You can find out more info here. I have been really inspired to make canvases inspired by people that I love. I usually have something I want to say and I can express it in these people canvases. I have loved it and will continue to expand this style of art into my own. You can see some of my past pieces here. But I have felt a little stuck. I have yet to do a canvas about me. It seemed weird to make a canvas about myself. Where would I even start...

I felt like I needed some art in my life and felt compelled to sign up for this new class with a new teacher Junelle Jacobson. She has been such an inspiration to me. She loves God and finds so much joy in the simple things around her. The way that she teaches opened flood gates inside and the ideas just started coming. I really felt like I wasn't copying someone else's ideas but was pulling out ideas from inside of me. I finally felt like I could put some of thoughts and feelings down on a page for the first time...

Junelle often starts her art with a sketch. Just that simple idea of sketching really clicked with me and ideas just started to flow. I would have all these ideas in my head, but didn't have the time to do a full project star to finish all the time. That's why I love sketching. I can get the idea down before I forget and work on it later. Sometimes I really want to develop it. Sometimes it was enough to just sketch about it.

I learned so much in this class. I love thumb nail sketches! All you do is divide your page into small sections and do small sketches just to get ideas going. I love when she would give us a word prompt and them have us see how many thumb nail sketches we can do. I love it because there is no pressure. Some sketches are great. Some not so much, but it doesn't matter. I feel free to explore and that's the great thing!!!

Here are a few of the pages we have done in the class. ..

I loved that the first lesson was on radishes. It was hilarious and perfect!

These little owls were so cute. Instead of doing watercolors, I couldn't resist doing some paper piecing and my acrylic paints.

This was called the Spring Line and was the result of us sketching about Spring. I adored this idea and had to make one of my own.

I am so excited to share the beginning of this journey with you. There is lots more to come...