Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cherry Red Popsicle Halloween Costume Tutorial

This year--way back in June--my oldest daughter told me she wanted to be an icecream cone for Halloween this year.  I was surprised because honestly, that's pretty creative for a 4 year old, no?  I asked her how she came up with that and she said that she was trying to think of something she really liked and the first thing she thought of was ice cream.  Hence, the icecream cone! (Yes, I am the kitty)
My youngest daughter was listening to the conversation (above) and piped in and said, 'Then I want to be a popsicle!'.  So, let's just say, I had been watching Joanne's for a while to make sure I got there when the felt went on sale!  

I came up with a popsicle costume on my own, and let me tell you--it's RIDICULOUSLY easy!  It's a great last minute--night before--throw together kinda costume!  I decided to make my daughter a Red popsicle because ummmm, red's my favorite color, and she said she didn't care--plus I figured it looked awesome next to her sister's costume!

Here's whatcha need:

-Enough Felt that covers your child from top of the head, to mid calf and wide enough to cover their body comfortably--give them some room to breathe!
-Coordinating thread
-washable marker
-measuring tape
-some kind of bowl

1.  Measure the person you are making the costume for....Start at the top of their head and down to their mid calf.  Then measure around their waist and booty(buns?)...Add approximately 4 inches to the width so they have some room to breathe.  Cut 2 a rectangle that match these measurements.  These will be the front and back pieces of your costume.

2.  Now take your mixing bowl and put it up in the top corner--trace around it to give you rounded edge.  Do the same to the other side.

 3.  Cut on the line you made and your rectangle should look like this now.
 4.  Measure where you want the arm holes to go--it'll be somewhere in the middle:)  I actually held these pieces up to my daughter and had her stick her arms straight out.  I put the pins in the felt while I was holding it up to her:)  She loved every minute of it:)--NOT!
 5.Now, fold your pieces in half so they look like this:
 You are going to draw a steeper curve and then cut it off so the top of your popsicle is more trim:)  It's cuter I swear!
 See how it is just a little skinnier on the top than it is in the bottom?  And both sides are even because you folded your pieces in half and cut them at the same time?!?
 6.  Sew around the edges, obiously leaving the bottom open for the feet to go through.  And where you put those pins in to mark the arm holes--don't sew those up!  

7.  Now, find a bowl or something round that is around the same size of your child's face.  
 Trace it and cut a hole!
Turn the costume right side out now and BAM!  You got yourself a popscile!  Now add some rosy cheeks and you've got a really cute popsicle!  Oh, and if you put your popsicle next to an ice cream cone it's even cuter!  ;)