Sunday, November 13, 2011

Petal Flower Crochet Headband

For these crochet headbands there are 2 different basic headbands you can do, either a solid band or 3 small chains. Then you add a double 5-petal flower. Follow this basic tutorial to create your own headband. If you are unfamiliar with basic crochet stitches you can find a lot of videos on U-Tube to get your started.

Step #1. Start a basic chain, chain your first strand. Chain a strand long enough to go around your head plus an additional inch.

Step #2- Chain the second row. Do a Single Crochet (SC) in each stitch. 

Once you do a second row of SC for 2-3 inches then start chaining again and chain until to you are  2-3 inches from the other end. 

Then connect your 2 chains and start doing a SC in each stitch again. 

Step #3- Chain your third strand. When you get to the end, turn and start a third row of SC in each stitch. Once you reach the same point you started chaining before, start chaining your third row.  (I know this sounds a little confusing, but it's actually quite simple, hopefully the pictures help explain.)

When you get to the other end, connect the third strand and SC into each stitch. 

When you get to the end chain 4-6 stitches to create a loop, then SC down the other side. Tie a knot and tuck the ends into the headband to hide them.  Now your headband is all stitched! If you wish to create a headband that is a solid band, simply create 6-7 rows, by doing a SC in every stitch. Then once you have created a band that is thick enough, do about 6 stitches to create a loop and tuck in the ends. Now you can create your flower. 

Creating Your Flower

Step #1- Create a loop. Chain 5-6 stitches then do a slip stitch into your first stitch to create a loop.

Step #2- Create the base of your flower. Chain 3. Then DC 16 stitches into the loop. Do a slip stitch to  tie the final stitch into the beginning to close the circle.

For the second layer of the base, chain 2, then SC 2 stitches into each previous stitch. Then do a slip stitch into the beginning to close the circle. 

Step #3- Create the Petals- Chain 5, count over 6 stitches, do a slip stitch to connect to the base. Continue for all 5 petals. Make sure they are evenly spaced all the way around.

DC 2 times, Triple Crochet (TC) 3 times, and DC 2 times to create the petal. Continue in each hole to create all five petals. 

To create the smaller flower, use the same pattern. For the base of the flower do 12 DC, then for the second row do 2 SC in each previous stitch. For the petals, chain 4-5 to create 5 loops, then create the petal by doing 2 DC, 1 TC, and 2 DC. 

Step #4- Finish Your Headband- Hot glue the flowers together and to the headband. Then sew a button on the opposite end of the loop. Then you can connect the headband under your hair. To adjust the size, simply move your button along the headband. 

Enjoy your awesome headband!!!!

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