Thursday, February 2, 2012

Box Top Pot Holder Tutorial

It's good to be back!  Whoooo!  Life has been a little...well life has just been life!  Crazy, fast paced and full of surprises:) In the wintertime I find myself cooking and baking a little more than usual.  I've gotta pack on those extra pounds I just love to pack on somehow right? (P-SHAW!)  Anyway--
When I was visiting some family over the holidays I came across some darling little hot pads (Thanks Marie!)--much cuter than any I've ever owned!  I had to make some for my kitchen--I even had fabric scraps just lying around waiting to be used--and this is what I came up with:

 I wish I had the kind of oven that I could hang these from because I want everyone to see them!  Oh wells--at least when I pull out my cookies I have two reasons to smile:)  

Here's whatcha need to make them:
5 8x8 fabric coordinating fabric squares
1 8x8 square heat resistant material (I got mine at walmart)
basic sewing notions and machine
button (optional)

1.  To start iron 4 of your 8x8 fabric squares in half, wrong sides together like so:

 2. Build your pot holder--Take your heat resistant square with the shiny side facing up.
 Put your other 8x8 fabric square on top, right side up.
 With your folded edge towards the center--start layering your box top.  Follow the pics!  Here's 1 piece:
 2 Piece:
 3 Piece:
 4 piece:

 3. Pin the junk out of this thing--You have a ton of layers of fabric you are working with.  Make sure it's nice and smooth.
 4.  Sew around the edges
 5. Clip the corners and turn your fabric.
 6.  Make sure to get all this corners nice and rounded and iron it for heavens sakes!  
  7. Add a button if you'd like--or not if you don't:)

 This is a GREAT beginner project so get out some scraps and make them with your kiddos!  My Mom came into town and we had a ball making them.  I know you will too!
xoxo, B