Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

I just LOVE Valentines Day...Ahhhhh.  Here's what I've been up to today--early AM made heart shaped Pancakes--Funny story: I talked to my older sister this morning and she asked me if my Valentines Day breakfast was any fun this year...I told her it was fantabulous because I made heart shaped pancakes and the girls loved it.  She laughed and said she made the same thing.  This afternoon my little sister asked me if I did anything fun today for Valentines day and I told her about the heart shaped pancakes.  She started laughing and said she made some too!  What's funny is that it's not like our mom did this for us growing up.  Sometimes we three just share a brain.  What's even funnier--we are all having the same thing for dinner too--Papa Murphy's heart shaped Pizza's...Hurry there is still time to order one if you are trying to be easy and festive tonight!:)
 The girls about passed out of excitement when they saw what Mommy and Daddy got them for V-Day.  They played with it all morning and only stopped because I told them to come upstairs and help me make: 
 These--Lexie needed to take these to preschool this afternoon so they could decorate them. I tried a new recipe I found off Pinterest--seriously AMAZING!
 Then I helped the girls make these--we aren't going to water paint them yet though--The girls are waiting for daddy to get home and discover their secret messages--some of their sayings are HILARIOUS!!  I found this off Pinterest too--go here to check it out. :)
This is a little something I made my Valentine this year.  Again--found the idea off Pinterest.  Go here.
My life has been so easy thanks to Pinterest.  This Valentines Day was a breeze!  If only every Holiday were as worry free as this one was. :)  Hope you are all enjoying your V-Day as much as we are!