Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Crafting Spree

This past week my family took a little trip to Utah to visit some family, Ryan had some work appointments, and I had lots of shopping to do!  I came home with a ridiculous amount of stuff....these things were just a few of my favorites....

This truly wasn't even half the stuff I came home with...I think my husband's eyes are still rolling.  Mine are still sparkling...I haven't blinked once:)

 I HAD to feed my ribbon obsession.  I was actually quite proud of myself....I didn't go crazy.;)

 I LOVE these wood plaques and picture frames.  I can't wait to show you what I am going to do with these.  Prepare to be amazed!

 Before my trip I was blog stalking and found this tutorial.  I was crossing my fingers I would get lucky and find some doilies.  I didn't have any luck at the thrift stores or the craft stores.  I did find some at the antique shops but they are always so expensive.  Luckily, my MIL has very giving friends.  My MIL was talking to a good friend who was cleaning some stuff out of her house and she said she had some I could have.  Score!  These are just some of them.  I think I might seriously cry. 

So, when I get my amazing table runner done I will post it--so you can be impressed with my awesomeness:)

 Ahhhhh, (sigh).  While I was busy thrifting I found a bunch of these babies.  I am a full blown golden book collector and I found about 30 while on my thrifting/craft spree. 

 These are just a few of my fav's.  I'm really loving the vintage ones. 

 As a kid I LOVED the Berenstein Bears.  (Still do)  couldn't say no when I found these at the thrift stores. 

 So, these have nothing to do with crafts but are these not AMAZING!  I found them at Ross.  Yes I shop at Ross and am proud of it!  These are only I think my 7th pair of red shoes--but who's counting?  I mean come on, they are Madden Girl's for goodness sake and I found them at Ross for $18!  I don't think Ryan's eyes will stop rolling for a long time when it comes to these.  But they were so worth it!

Utah was definitely worth the trip!  Make sure to check back to see what I do with some of my finds! 


T/J Hall

Super cute Becky and I love all your stuff. I seriously need to find some of those dollies! I am so in love with them!!! (heart) Juliana