Monday, February 21, 2011

Ribbon Hairbows

So, I have been making these for YEARS....well, ever since I had my little Lexie who is 4 now.  I actually took a fun class at this really cute store in Arizona...maybe you've heard of it?  Ribbons & Lace?  Anyway, I LOVE that store.  Everytime I go to Arizona, I have to stop by.  Some of these gems I picked up there last time I was in the neighborhood. 

 Like I said, Juliana and I are having this open house next week and we will have tons of these to choose from!  These are your more traditional bows but with our funky flair.  Don't these just make you smile?

 These are our most typical sizes--big and small.  Personally, I'm a fan of the big--but I always lean towards things that are more bold--you know, the things that make a statement....Ok OK!  I like to show off!  But if you've seen how cute my girls are, you know why!:) I know, I'm biased.;)

 But seriously, Isn't this Mocha Stripe to die for?
 Or this Hot Pink Houndstooth!?!
 Gumball Pink Anyone?
 This Yellow Sunshine makes me SUPER EXCITED FOR SPRING....I am so ready for permanent Sunshine!
 And, here I am in my ridiculously messy craft room.  No judging please!  I can't be creative and clean at the same time!  It's impossible--ask my husband!  I have spent hours upon hours in here!  Mostly during naptime and after hours....but don't you think it was worth it?  Well, I DO!