Thursday, April 14, 2011

$20 Gift Card Winner!

As many of you know, in honor of our party last week we did a $20 Gift Card Giveaway...aren't we cool?  Well, we have a winner!  It's NIEDERFAM! CONGRATS!  So excited for you!

We didn't want anyone to feel bad about not winning the Gift Card so, we decided it would be fun to do something special for all of you who left a comment/became a follower/posted on FB etc.  This weekend, starting TODAY we are doing FREE SHIPPING on our ETSY SITE!  That's right, you heard me!  So don't feel too can still get our great stuff!  And it's like you got to come to our party!  This free shipping deal on Etsy goes through Monday night.  Just use 2coolstashes as your coupon code at check out! 

FYI: in case you don't see something you saw on our blog that you liked, for sale on Etsy, just email or convo us because we LOVE to do special or custom orders.  If you have ANY questions at all, just email us or convo us on Etsy.

Ok, I'll stop blabbing now;)  Here are just a few pics we wanted to show off from our party! 

Aren't these tutu's and petti skirts darling?  LOVE THEM!
A couple of our bow holders....
Seriously, just a smidgen of our ribbon bows.  We have a million of these in every color and style you can imagine!
Our AMAZING necklaces and watch bands.  These were one of our hot items of the night.
Showing off some cute style:)

These were definitely a hit that night as well!  We will definitely be making more of these!
Millions I tell you, of flower hair clips. 
Our rockin' awesome business cards.  We are like for real now!:)
Fabric Headbands, baby headbands, anything and everything you need for your baby to look cute as a button!

Juliana's She Can Art.  This was actually quite popular too!  Go Juliana!
So, this is what our cute little hostess Julie set out for her guests.  Pretty spread eh?
And here is the AMAZING woman herself!  Julie, we LOVE LOVE LOVE you!  Thanks for making this a great party and for having us over! Seriously, we couldn't have done this without you! xoxoxo!



What???? I NEVER NEVER win anything!!!!!! WAHOO!!!! SO so excited, that will definitely go to GOOD use, THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! ;)