Friday, May 20, 2011

Fabric Headband Tutorial

Juliana and I always have scraps from sewing projects we've done--actually I have a HUGE trash bag full of scraps that I save just in case I find something else I want to make because fabric is expensive!  Well these Fabric Headbands are a FABULOUS project for using up your scraps!  

Fabric Headband Tutorial

Here is the list of items you'll need: 
Fabric scissors
Junky Scissors(to cut felt with)
Glue gun
Glue sticks
1/8 yard 100% cotton fabric--for the headband
1/8 yard fabric your choice for rosettes (Jersey fabric or other stretchy fabric is great--can use anything though)
Coordinating thread
Step 1: First things first--CUT OUT YOUR HEADBAND.  There isn't a wrong way to do this--my only rule while doing this is that it's about 2 inches wide in the middle and about 1 inch at the end.  Make it long enough so you can tie it in a knot at the back of your head.  I cut mine about 28 inches in length.

This end about 1 inch:

2 inches in the middle:

Step 2:  Stitch Around Edges.  Stitch right along the edges of the headband...use approximately a 1/4 inch seam allowance.  This gives it a little durability and makes it a little more chic! ;)

Step 3: Cut Fabric and Felt. Now take your other fabric and cut a 2 inch long strip.  Also take your felt and cut out circles the sizes you want your rosettes to be.  I like to look around my house for things that are circular that I could trace...glasses, spices containers, nailpolish....anything works!  I decided to do three rosettes for this fabric headband.

Step 4: Make Rosettes.  To make a rosette, take your 2 inch strip of fabric and fold it in half and then tie a knot.  Cut off the excess fabric.

Now, twist your fabric and glue it to the felt circle in a circular manner.

Twist and glue and keep going around....

Until you've covered all the felt...

Now cut off the tail/excess fabric.

Cute, No?  Now repeat until all rosettes are finished. :)

Step 5: Glue Rosettes onto Fabric Headband.  I like to put my rosettes a little off center on the fabric headband...but you can put them ANYWHERE you want!  Once you've got them glued on there, put a little glue in between the rosettes so they stick together really close, like this:  (Ignore the glue hairy's on my glue gun!  It's been very loved!!!)

And there you go!  You are finished with your ridiculously AMAZING headband and people will be wondering where you got it! 

Ahhhhh!  I LOVE IT!
Wasn't that so easy? And Cheap?  I mean come on!  We used our scraps for goodness sakes!  Happy scrap digging!