Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mother's Day Canvases

I simply had to make some She Can Girls for Mother's Day. 

For those of you have never seen these before, they are mixed media canvases. You combine paint, sprays, ink, paper, fabric, stamps, doodling and rub-ons to create layers and layers of texture! These are my new favorite thing to do! I am in love with mixed media art!! 

This one went to my sister-in-law. I love the blue, it reminds me of peace. I even included a tag with the word peace on it. I love her dress it is so elegant and classic. I love the trim on her dress. It's vintage lace from my grandma. I love the book paper in the background and how well it shows through. I love the lock and key hidden in the picture. Can you find them? This one turned out really really beautiful!! I used one of Christy Thomlinson's phrases "She was the Keeper of the Home." My sister-in-law just had a new baby and I know how much being a mom means to her. 

"She was the Keeper of the Home"

This little beauty I made for my mom. Isn't she beautiful? She's so hip and chic! I love her outfit. I can see my mom wearing something like that. I love the red and gold, it reminds me of home. My mom works so hard to teach her children, which way to go. I really look up to my mom's strength of character and love the tag I added in the bottom left corner.  It's so fun making one for someone I know so well because I can include things that are meaningful to her, like the word peace in the circle on the right. I love you mom!

"She is the Heart of the Home"

I really adore this one I did for my other mom, my mother-in-law. It is so simple and effortless and I can just feel the warm summer breeze blowing through the fields! There is nothing like a warm summer day on the farm. It reminds me so much of her. I was most nervous about getting this one right. After I finished I brought it to my husband to see if he approved and he just looked at me warmly and said, "that's my mom, you got it." I made so many simple choices to had a little more of her to the canvas like the alphabet stamp reflects how she's a teacher on the right. I love the sun. It took me many times to get it right, but I was really happy with the way it turned out and the free spirit feel it gives the canvas! It gives a hint to her childhood. I also love the phrase, "she saw the good."My mother in law is such a great example of working hard and finding the good! I look up to her and love this canvas!

"She Saw the Good."



Oh wow! I adore these! thanks for joining the Scarlet Lime contest and sharing these!


I just love these so much! You do great work. And I guess you can only post a comment on this post if your name is Lori. :)