Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fabric Paper Dolls

A couple weeks ago my SIL paid us a 'lil visit.  And she came bearing my 3 year old daughter Birthday gifts.....Fabric Paper Dolls.  She even made this DARLING take along case so the girls could bring them along with them anywhere we go; which they totally do!  It was really funny actually because my 4 year old kept saying to her younger sister, 'You are going to share with me right?  I always share with you...We can play nicely together right?"  She's getting good at talking her little sister into things--great negotiator!

 Anyway, since then, I have literally made 50 more dolls--they are addictive, darling, and ridiculously easy to make--need I say more?

 All my SIL did was buy some cute fabric with these amazing paper dolls--cut them out--and ironed them onto some iron-on fusible web--the thicker the better.  That's it!

 So, here's a different line I found of Paper dolls....

 And here's another one:

 See all the cute fabric out there?!  Such a cute and easy project!  I have already told my own mom to give me some granddaughters for Christmas because I NEED to make some of these for them.  And these really are the best church toy in the entire world!  Need a quiet time activity for the girlies?  Seriously--these are the best things ever!

So, thanks Nicole for hooking a sista up!  We obviously ALL are in LOVE!


Skyler and Kaitlin Ferguson

So cute! Hook a sister up when I have a girl, eh?!


PLEASE get Emery's name for Christmas!!!! She would LOVE these, and I'm pretty sure I would too.

They need BOY ones too, they could dress up in their sports outfits, don't ya think??? ;)