Monday, August 1, 2011

Lampshade Makeover Tutorial

So, I have allowed this ugly little lampshade to stay in our family for a very long time--too long.  In fact, my husband and I got into a little argument over this little lamp shade the last time we moved.(Ok, it was a big argument but--obviously I won so it was worth it!)  And here's why--check out this ugly little baby......

And now look at her!    

That's what I'm talking about!  See--aren't we all glad I fought for her?  Well--I definitely am, and my girls bedroom is thanking me!  I LOVE how this turned out and it was EASY!  And even my husband said he was glad I hung onto it--even if it was for four years...It saved us having to buy a new one that wouldn't have been nearly as cute--right?  Right!  Ok--enough of my storytelling--it's just always so fun when you were right about something!  Especially since it doesn't happen very often. :)  Ha! Here's whatcha need:

Ugly Lampshade
Paper/Cardstock to make a pattern out of
Pencil/Pen to trace
Spray Adhesive
Glue Gun
Sewing machine, thread
Fabric: However big your lampshade is--that's how much fabric--I used about 1/2 yard total
2 Sizes Double Fold Bias tape--One size bigger than the other.  I used .5in size and .25in size.  Measure your lampshade to see how many inches you'd need.
Embellishments--buttons, rosettes, fabric flowers, yo-yo's...whatever you'd like to use to make your lampshade extra pretty. (Optional)
Size 3/8 ribbon(Optional)

And here's how to do it!:

1.  I laid one side of my lampshade down onto a piece of paper(anything that's big enough really) and traced it to make a pattern.  Then I took my ruler and made the pattern .5inch bigger than the actual lampshade...this is for seam allowance.

2. Once I had my pattern cut out, I took out my cute fabric and cut out four pieces--because there are four sides to my lampshade.  

3. Take one cut out piece of fabric and put it right sides together with another cut out piece of fabric.  Stitch down one side with a 1/4in seam allowance.  Remember to iron your fabric as you go.  :) Repeat with all pieces until it looks like this:

 4.  Take your Spray Adhesive and spray one side of your lampshade.  Do this outside or somewhere you don't care getting glue everywhere!  Smooth out any wrinkles.  Take care to line up your seams with the edges of your lampshade. Also, make sure to keep about .5in of fabric sticking up at the top and bottom of your lampshade...this is important for later. Repeat with other sides of lampshade.

 5.  When you get to the last side, fold over your last piece of fabric a little to give you a nicely finished edge. Spray glue this to the final side of your lamp shade.  You may want to take your glue gun and glue down that folded piece to just to make it a little more sturdy.

 At this point, your lampshade should look something like this:

 6.  Now you are going to fold over that extra fabric at the top and bottom of your lampshade.  This is where your glue gun comes in.

 Glue down the edges to the inside of your lampshade.

 It should now look something like this:

 At this point--you could take some cute ribbon if you'd like--I took some 3/8in sized ribbon and covered the raw edges of fabric that I had just glued down.  I felt doing this gave my lampshade a less homemade look...but you can't see it from the outside.  Completely optional and up to you!

7. Take your 2 different sizes bias tape and cut to lengths that will fit around the top and bottom of your lampshade.  I made my own bias tape, but you can totally buy some at the store.  I just liked the checkered look and I couldn't find it anywhere!

 Lay the larger sized bias tape down so the flaps are facing upwards.  Then take your smaller sized bias tape so the flaps are facing downwards.

 Glue the smaller bias tape onto the larger bias tape so no flaps are showing at all.  Only the smooth sides should be visible.

 8.  Use your glue gun and glue your biased tape around the top and bottom edges of your lampshade.  When you get to the end--fold over a little piece of the bias tape to give it a finished look.  Now is the time to add any fun embellishments you had in mind.  Glue those on with your glue gun as well!  And.......

 Ta-Da!   You are finished!  I used some fun yo-yo's I'd made and some buttons I had lying around to liven mine up a bit.

 See, wasn't that easy?  Gotta love glue guns eh?

Now head over to the thrift store or go dig in your basement to find that ugly lampshade you've been meaning to makeover.  Just don't fight with your husband about it:). Enjoy! 

xoxoxo, B


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