Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pumpkin Hair Clip RibbonTutorial

Labor Day has come and gone and with that here in Colorado we say goodbye to summer, and Hello Fall!  I LOVE the Fall and have quite a few projects in mind.  One super easy project that I wanted to do was make a few ribbon hairclips that I remembered seeing last year on the blogosphere but never got a chance to make.  I didn't have a tutorial or anything--just kind of made these up as I went but I think they turned out pretty darn cute!  Figured I'd share how I made them just for fun--here's my version of these PUMPKIN HAIRCLIPS:)

First, take your ribbon and make a circle around your finger.  Like this:
 Use some hot glue and put it on the top so your circle stays intact.:)  Make another loop--add some glue like you did before.  Repeat this step until you have your desired number of loops.  This is the body of your pumpkin.  Set aside.

Next, take some green ribbon and make a circle.  Use some glue to make the circle stay and cut off excess ribbon.
 Smash the circle in the center so your ribbon looks like this--these are your pumpkin leaves.  Add a dab of glue in the center to make it stay looking like this:
 Take another piece of ribbon--about the same size as your other piece of green ribbon--and fold over the edges on both sides--glue down.
 Now take both pieces of green ribbon and put them together like this--add some glue to both sides to hold it together:)
 Like this:
 Glue the green to the top of the orange and there you go!  Glue this down onto a ribbon covered alligator clip and you've got yourself Cute Cute Cute Pumpkin Hairclip.   
I'm thinking we're going to have to do lots of pigtails this year:)

After making the pumpkin hair clips I came up with these 'lil gals.  I'm in LOVE with their lashes:)
My girls absolutely love the pink and purple ones...
OK--it was windy and cold(Told ya it was fall here!) so ignore the windblown pics and grumpy kids--I forced them to stop jumping on the trampoline to let me take these 'glamour shots":)  These clips are even cuter when you see them on!

So, there's my first project for the fall--stay tuned because there are LOTS more to come!



So so cute. So new idea....maybe?? I saw some princess hair clips made from grosgrain at a boutique with mom this last weekend. you should TRY those......;) As if you need an idea....i know. ;)

Where or WHERE do you find the time???? ;)