Monday, September 19, 2011

She Can Art

She Left Her Fears Behind

I have fallen in love with yellow this year and knew I wanted to make a girl with the colors black, white and yellow. I love how she is clean, simple and elegant. She has subtle strengthen and courage about her as she looks ahead. 

I used this really fun textured paint to give the canvas some depth. I love how the yellow flowers have texture and are raised off the page.

Here you can see my other favorite part of this painting. I had some old quote stickers in my scrapbook stash that I'd had forever. So to create a background I stuck them randomly on the page then used a piece of card stock (or you can use a credit card) to smear some silver paint over the top. I love the shine of the silver paint and I love how you can still see the words underneath. 

I gave her some classy boots and stamped all over the canvas with a heart stamp. I love this canvas. It has so much depth and yet is simple and elegant. 

She had the Courage to Dream

This girl is a dreamer. I like the purple, blue and brown colors together and I like the bird houses in the background. This painting has a grounded airiness. Her feet are firmly planted on the ground, but her eyes see endless potential. 

She had so much Potential

I love the fall colors and textures in this amazing canvas. The background is book paper and burlap covered with brown spray and orange paint. She seems a little sporty to me. A girl who likes being outdoors and doesn't mind getting her hands dirty. Her outfit is simple and pretty. With it being back to school season, I have a lot of friends who are off at college. This canvas reminds me of fall and school and all the potential in these talented kids. 

There is some burlap on the right covered in paint.

I love putting quote cards into the background. "Do Your Best" seemed so fitting for this canvas.

This canvas is very balanced with all the colors working in such harmony together. She had so much potential.

She had Hope

This canvas features a grey and blue background with some pops of color. I wanted the girl in this canvas to really stand out. I wanted her brightness and hope to be the center of attention. I used a lot of fabric and lace making this beautiful inspiring canvas. 

Here at the top you can see the lace, fabric flowers, and pleated ribbon. 

She Walked in the Light

I designed this beautiful canvas for my little sister's birthday. I love how the sunshine is such a central part of the picture. I wanted it to reflect the good choices she is making. I love the carefree feeling that comes from the butterflies and flowers. I wanted this girl to look trendy and casual. I tried to replicate a layered ruffle shirt with some cute skinny jeans. I love this canvas! Happy Birthday Sis!

All of these canvas are for sale. Send us an email if you are interested in purchasing one or would like me to paint a custom one for you.

 Happy Painting!!!!